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Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Friday evening, September 12th is Youth Night at the high school's varsity football game vs. Toledo St. Francis DeSales.

All JYFA flag/tackle players and cheerleaders get free admission to the game if they enter the stadium with their team as described below, or by wearing their uniforms.

Parents who wish to have their child walk out on the turf with their team (Flag B, Flag A, Cheer & Tackle B, Cheer & Tackle A) need to have their child in their jersey/uniform and inside the middle school NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM on Friday, September 12, 2014.

Drop your child off at the main west entrance (Sauder side) of the Middle School.  Teams will be lined up in the hallway to the left once you enter the school.  Working backwards from the far end of the hallway will be Flag B, Flag A, Tackle/Cheer B, and Tackle/Cheer A.  Please find your child's team name taped to the wall so each team can be grouped together before they head out of the school to be introduced.

The youth teams will be announced at 6:30 and enter onto the field through the inflatable polar bear head at the west (Sauder) end of the stadium.  Following the introductions, parents can pick up their child from the team's coach behind the scoreboard on the east (bus garage/tennis courts) end of the stadium.  Please view the map below for more details on where to drop-off and pickup your child.  We will organize the teams inside the school and proceed out the back of the school, down under the bleachers and out through the bear head where each team will be announced as they parade down the field towards the scoreboard end-zone.

Individual players will not be announced (only the team names will be announced) but each team should have their team photo and player names printed in the game program for Friday night.
The high school game starts at 7:00.
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
The entire Flag A and B schedules have been released and are now posted on the website.

There are a couple of last minute changes for the Tackle schedules, but the first week schedule has been posted.  Look for the entire schedule to be posted soon!
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Flag and Tackle Football leagues individual and team picture day schedule has been set for Sunday, August 24th at Robert Fife Stadium.  

For Flag leagues, please have your son dressed in black shorts, football shoes and game jersey.

All players shoud be at the stadium 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled time listed below to allow time for check-in and to get the team assembled.

Flag A League
Time Team Name
1:00 Badgers
1:00 Boilermakers
1:15 Buckeyes
1:15 Cardinals
1:30 Cornhuskers
1:30 Fighting Irish
1:45 Hawkeyes
1:45 Hurricanes
2:15 Mountaineers
2:15 Spartans
2:30 Tigers (Auburn)
2:30 Zips
Flag B League
Time Team Name
2:45 Bobcats
2:45 Broncos
3:00 Crimson Tide
3:00 Ducks
3:20 Gators
3:20 Longhorns
3:40 Seminoles
3:40 Tigers (LSU)
Tackle A League
Time Team Name
4:00 Jackson Gold
4:00 Jackson Silver
4:30 Jackson White
Tackle B League
Time Team Name
4:30 Jackson Black
5:00 Jackson Gold
5:15 Jackson Purple
5:30 Jackson Silver

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