About JYFA
Board of Directors

The Jackson Youth Football board would like to thank all of you who donate your time and energy to help develop our youth into future Bears, knowing your only true reward will be to look down on the playing field at Robert Fife Stadium and see the athletes who once played youth football under your instruction and guidance.

Position Name E-mail Phone Number
President Eric Johnson president@jacksonfootball.com 418-7870
Vice President / Fundraising Director Joel Primack vp@jacksonfootball.com 936-9224
Secretary Chad Bailey secretary@jacksonfootball.com 351-4848
Treasurer Janice Holzopfel treasurer@jacksonfootball.com 752-3469
Tackle A Commissioner Chris Macrides tackle@jacksonfootball.com 268-6168
Tackle B Commissioner / NOYFC Liaison Glen Mauer tackle@jacksonfootball.com 806-7322
Flag Commissioner Rob Hite flag@jacksonfootball.com 513-543-2639
Cheer Director Robyn Connelly cheer@jacksonfootball.com 614-537-2010
Concessions Director Brent Holzopfel concessions@jacksonfootball.com 754-8182
Equipment Director Matt Andrews equipment@jacksonfootball.com 936-0621
Assistant Equipment Director Tim Arnold equipment@jacksonfootball.com 280-6056
Assistant Equipment Director Mike Dobina equipment@jacksonfootball.com 844-6630
Assistant Equipment Director Matt Bessler equipment@jacksonfootball.com 806-1084
Health and Safety Director Damon Gallucci safety@jacksonfootball.com 685-1481
Field Operations Director Dan Michel fields@jacksonfootball.com 418-5979
School Liaison Paul Salvino schools@jacksonfootball.com 401-2787
Director Brad Scarbrough director@jacksonfootball.com 309-9072
IT Director Ryan Carey website@jacksonfootball.com 284-7884
JHS Football Head Coach Timothy Budd    
JHS Football Asst. Coach Marc Davide    

JYFA Board Meetings:

The board of directors meet on the 4th Sunday of the month at the Jackson Township Hall, unless otherwise noted.