Online Registration:

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Registration Form!
Signups for the 2017 youth football and cheerleading season have begun!

All registrations must be made via our website.  Payment must be made online using a credit card, e-check, or a PayPal account at the time of registration.

Registration Deadlines:

Cheerleading - Saturday, July 1, 2017
Tackle Football - Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Flag Football - Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Be sure to sign-up before June 3rd to get early registration pricing discounts!


The following leagues and prices will be available for 2017:
  • Flag Football B League (K & 1st Grades) - $65.00 ($50.00 before 6/3/2017)
  • Flag Football A League (2nd & 3rd Grades) - $65.00 ($50.00 before 6/3/2017)
  • Tackle Football B League (4th & 5th Grades) - $175.00 ($150.00 before 6/3/2017)
  • Tackle Football A League (6th & 7th Grades) - $175.00 ($150.00 before 6/3/2017)
  • Cheerleading A (5th - 7th Grades) - $75.00 ($60.00 before 6/3/2017)
  • Cheerleading B (3rd & 4th Grades) -  $75.00 ($60.00 before 6/3/2017)
  • Cheerleading C (K - 2nd Grades) -  $75.00 ($60.00 before 6/3/2017)

    * Additional uniform fees will be incurred for cheerleading *

These leagues reflect the grade your son/daughter will be entering in the Fall of 2017.

Family Fee Max:  

There is a family maximum charge of $300.00 ($350.00 if after the early registration period) that will be charged for registration fees.  Please note this only applies to registration fees.  Any extra costs, such as cheerleading uniforms, do not count towards the family max.

Financial Aid:

A limited amount of financial aid might be available from JYFA.  For more information and to make a request, download the Request for Financial Aid form.

Required Equipment:

Tackle Football:
  • Player Provides: Football cleats (no metal or screw in cleats allowed, molded plastic only), football girdle, football practice pants
  • League Provides: Helmet, all pads, game uniform, practice jersey, mouth guard.

Flag Football:
  • Player Provides: Football cleats (no metal or screw in cleats allowed, molded plastic only), black game/practice shorts or pants
  • League Provides: Team t-shirt jersey (player's to keep) and mouth guard.

  • Cheerleader Provides: Cheerleaders purchase their entire uniform, shoes, and poms.